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NHRA Drag Racing State Championship at NTR in 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The National Hot Rod Association is pleased to announce the continuation of the NHRA STATE Drag Racing CHAMPIONSHIPS that began in 2010.  The NHRA STATE Drag Racing CHAMPIONSHIP event is another of the NHRA special events line-up that includes National DRAGSTER Challenge, Summit NHRA King of the Track and the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Challenge.


Much like State High School Athletic Associations that conduct state championships in various school sporting events, the National Hot Rod Association will designate and recognize one annual event per state where NHRA member tracks are present as the official “NHRA State Drag Racing Championships.”


Each NHRA Member Track in each state or province will be eligible to host the event on a rotational basis.  The rotation will be in the order of listing in our member track directory or alphabetically listing in cases where tracks within the same state operate from different divisions.  The event is at the option of the track, should a track not wish to host the event, it will go to the next track on the listing.  Any new member track would be inserted at the bottom of the rotation order.


Since the brackets that tracks offer may vary from track to track we will recognize the Summit Racing Series brackets, including Super Pro, Pro ET, Sportsman, Super Pro Bike and a single Jr. Dragster class as the categories to receive “Official NHRA State Championship” designation.


As part of the program package NHRA will provide a unique specially designed “Wally Plaque” for the State Championship winners, exclusive title rights designating the event as the “official NHRA State Drag Racing Championships”, event listings on our divisional and websites, pre-event media and promotional materials, and post race results coverage.


National Trail Raceway is excited to host the 2012 NHRA Drag Racing STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in Ohio.  The 2012 event will be held during the JEGS ET Series points event on Sunday, June 10th.  We will also be hosting a seperate JEGS ET Series on the Saturday before the NHRA Drag Racing STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS so everyone interested in coming out for the event can have two races in the same weekend's tow.  We are planning several great additions to this event to make the 2012 NHRA Drag Racing STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS the best in the nation this year.

So we encourage all of the state of Ohio racers to come out to NTR in June for the chance of becoming the State Champion of Ohio in 2012.  For more information about the NHRA Drag Racing STATE CHAMPIONSHIP event, you can contact the NHRA Division 3 Offices or National Trail Raceway at 740-928-5706. 


Below is the initial rendering of the new “Wally Plaque”.  The plate and state area is being adjusted to properly accommodate the various state shapes.


For a link to the Division 3 Website CLICK HERE