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32nd Annual Mopar Nationals Results

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The 32nd Annual celebrated the Trucks and Vans of MOPAR and many were on hand, including this one in the Saturday Burnout Contest

Allison, Dermotta, Maurer lead
MOPAR Nationals Winners over Mother Nature

The 32nd Annual MOPAR Nationals was featuring a special tribute to the Truck and Van and the way that the weather started off on Friday and Saturday, it looked that trucks and vans would be in action more than the great cars on hand.  Rain brought a halt to both Friday and Saturday action, making Sunday a intense day of racing action.  Competition in racing classes from both Saturday and Sunday were completed and some great winners were crowned at the end of the day.  Rick Allison was able to take the Throttle TV Quick 16 title in a final round conquest of Chuck Anderson.  While Dehner Maurer was able to survive the large gathering of Throttle TV Pro eliminator cars to take the win for 2012.  Other winners for the day on the track were Dave Dermotta (Throttle TV Super Pro), Tyler Anderson (South Oak Dodge Street), Jim Guy (Indy Cylinder Heads Nostalgia Super Stock), Woody Kilgore (Mopar Muscle Young Guns), Mark McCarter (South Oak Dodge Hemi), David Rauske (Viper Shootout), and Bobby Slatzer (Trophy Class).

Throttle TV Quick 16 - Rick Allison

The Quick 16 class worked out the exact way that the ladder intended as it was the low qualifiers from both sides of the field that went up against one another for the title.  Allison, who's 1993 Daytona from Camby, Indiana was low in Door with a 7.545 ET in qualifying went up against the 2007 Miller dragster of Anderson from Mason, West Virginia that ran a 7.482 for the top spot in Open.  The big matchup, however was not determined by the quickness of the cars, but the quick release of the button from the driver.  Allison's great .013 reaction time got the starting line edge that would translate into a holeshot win.  His 7.632 on a 7.60 dial in scored the win over the 7.423 on a 7.41 for Anderson.

Throttle TV Super Pro - Dave Dermotta

Dermotta brought his 1970 Super Bee to the MOPAR Nationals from Rillton, Pennsylvania and advanced to the Super Pro final round.  There, he would meet the 1972 Duster of Carl James from nearby Thornville, Ohio.  Dermotta was ready for the final round matchup with both his driving and dialing.  A better reaction time by Dermotta got him the edge over the quicker James, and when he turned a 10.495 on his 10.49 dial in the title was his.  James tried, but a breakout 9.599 on a 9.62 placed him in the runner up spot.

Throttle TV Pro - Dahner Maurer

Always the largest class at the MOPAR Nationals, the Pro final round found a racer from Pennsylvania and Indiana meeting in Ohio for the title.  Maurer and his Brownsburg, Indiana based 1973 Duster went up against the 1967 Coronet of Kara Jo Bowman from Export, Pennsylvania.  After a long day of close racing, it was Maurer that had a slight .030 to .059 edge off the start.  Maurer was able to drive around Bowman and score the win with a 10.545 on his 10.50 dial in.  Bowman trailed across the stripe with a 10.929 on her 10.87 predicted time.

For Anderson, August 12th was already a date that he remember as it is his birthday.  After today's action on the track with his 1966 Coronet, it will remembered for another reason as well.  The Uniontown, Ohio native celebreated his 21st birthday with a win in Street eliminator over the 1973 Dart Sport of Dustin Goodin from Newark, Ohio.  The final round race was over right off the line and before Anderson even started his pass when Goodin lit the only red light in a final round for 2012.  Anderson got the win with a 14.799 on his 14.72 dial in.

Indy Cylinder Heads Nostalgia Super Stock - Jim Guy

Guy and his 1964 Savoy has had a great 2012 season and the streak continued here at the MOPAR Nationals.  In the final round of the Nostalgia Super Stock class, the Hilliard, Ohio racer went up against the 1964 Sport Fury of Bill Horn from Caldwell, Ohio.  Guy was the slower car on index, but his great .018 reaction time gave him the great edge off the start.  Horn tried to chase Guy down, but the reactions of Guy proved to be too much.  A 10.574 on his 10.50 index gave Guy the win over the 9.839 on a 9.75 index that Horn posted.

A great final round was contested in Young Guns as Kilgore and his 1985 Daytona from Columbus, Ohio went up against the 1971 Charger of T.J. Kost from Atwater, Ohio.  Both drivers were fantastic on the reaction time in the semifinals, and they were just as close in the final round.  Kilgore got the edge by one thousandth of a second off the line and they both screamed towards the stripe.  Kost brokeout at the finish line, but he didn't have any choice if he wanted the stripe.  Kilgore's 11.140 on a 11.14 dial in proved too good to overcome.  Kost ran a 12.839 on his 12.87.

McCarter took his 2002 Ram R/T to the Hemi win.  The Mansfield, Ohio runner was up against the 2008 Super Bee of Jon Brooks from Zanesville, Ohio in the final round.  McCarter was the quicker car on dial in and closed down the handicap advantage of Brooks with the better reaction time.  McCarter was then able to drive around Brooks before the finish line and scored the win.  A 13.148 on a 12.64 dial in for McCarter was good enough to defeat the 13.648 on a 13.30 for Brooks.

Trophy Class - Bobby Slatzer

Slatzer had to wait an extra day to get it done due to the weather, but the Newark, Ohio resident was able to survive the Trophy field with his 1967 Coronet.  Slatzer would go up against the 1973 Dart Sport of Dave Schultz from Whitelaw, Wisconsin.  Slatzer was the better off the starting line in the final round matchup, and was able to hold off the charging Schultz at the finish line.  His 13.548 on a 13.38 dial in was successful in defeating the 12.723 on a 12.45 for Schultz.

In other action throughout the weekend, it was the 1994 Viper of Rocky River, Ohio's Rauske that was declared the winner for the Viper Shootout when the rain fell before the final round on Saturday.  Scott Beard and his 2006 Viper from Valley City, Ohio was the runner up.  Also in the F.A.S.T. class, both Scott McKenzie and Tom Cannon were co-winners after the rain on Saturday stopped that class short.

Winners in the Nostalgia Super Stock Class Eliminations were as follows:

C/FX - Casey Fauss-Johnson (1965 Coronet) 9.796 @ 123.63
def. Mike DeChicco (1965 Coronet) 9.712 @ 138.05

NSS/A - Russ Berens (1967 Belvedere) 10.051 @ 132.65
def. Jeffrey Frees (1964 Belvedere) 10.034 @ 130.09

NSS/B - Fred Rader (1963 Dodge) 10.521 @ 127.02
def. Tim Kost (1965 Belvedere) 10.525 @ 128.48

NSS/C - T.J. Kost (1963 Savoy) 11.035 @ 123.98
def. Tom Gaines (1964 Polara) 10.921 @ 121.56

NSS/D - Scott O'Dell (1965 Coronet) 11.643 @ 116.40
def. Tim Helmick (1963 Belvedere) 11.305 @ 107.92

NSS/E - Dustin Goodin (1967 Satellite) 12.132 @ 108.08
was unopposed

NSS/F - David Stockwell (1966 Coronet) 12.538 @ 107.44
was unopposed