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NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Results

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Results

May 20, 2015

The opening race of the 2015 NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night series felt a lot more like the Halloween Hootout than the Memorial Day Week of action. The cool temperatures brought with it interesting racing action on the track. Power was the order of the day as several cars made very quick runs for their setup prior to the opening round of eliminations.  When the race, and the brief rain, finally came to a conclusion, it was several track champions from last season that scored wins for the night.  Winning on opening night was Larry Berry (Big Dawg), Dennis Meade ( Street), Mike Rehl (Superior Exteriors Truck), Chad Sheets (Sport Compact), Dustin Eveland (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Marshall Hutchinson Jr. (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle).

Berry and his 1967 Mustang from Baltimore, Ohio was running very well throughout the night to make the Big Dawg final round. After defeating defending champion Dennis Meade in the semifinals, Berry was scheduled to run the 1955 International truck of Karla Eveland from Zanesville, Ohio. However, Eveland's mount was sidelined with mechanical breakage after her semifinal bye run. Berry completed the event win by running a 10.864 on his 10.86 dial in on the solo pass.

While Meade was unable to secure the Big Dawg win, he was able to take his new 1985 Camaro to the Street final round. There he would go up against Dustin Eveland who was looking to win his second class of the night. It was not to be for the 1985 S-10 of Eveland as the Newark, Ohio racer Meade used a great .007 reaction time to force Eveland to breakout at the stripe. Meade posted a 11.214 on his 11.20 dial in to win the race over the 12.018 on a 12.10 from Eveland.

The brief rain sprinkle that fell late in the night definitely helped out Rehl and his 1991 S-10 from Newark, Ohio. As the rain fell and the tractor was fired up, Rehl's mount was unresponsive to starting. After a few minutes to dry the track, Rehl's truck was eventually started to race defending champion Todd Smith and his 1985 S-10 from Baltimore, Ohio. Both driver were close to one another off the starting line, with Rehl gaining the slight edge. He would use that edge to stay ahead of Smith throughout. His 12.406 on a 12.37 scored the opening win over the 10.418 on a 10.32 from Smith.

A couple of former champions in the Sport Compact class went against one another in the final round.  Sheets and his 2003 Outlander from Columbus, Ohio would go up against the 1994 Civic of Chris Chase from Columbus, Ohio in the final.  Sheets was the better of the two off the line with a nice .050 reaction time, but really wouldn't need it. Problems off the line for Chase slowed him down considerably from his dial in and made the job easy for Sheets.  His 18.867 on a 18.47 run easily out ran the 18.047 on a 15.37 for Chase.

The best race of not only the final rounds, but all night came in the High School final between Eveland's 1985 S-10 and Cardino Fornataro's 1984 S-10 from Newark, Ohio. The two were close in dial in for the final round, and off the start Eveland would gain three hundrenths of a second.  He would need every last one of those at the stripe as his 12.130 on a 12.10 squeaked past the 12.400 on a 12.40 from Fornataro.  The total margin of victory in the final round for Eveland was two ten-thousandths of a second.

In the Motorcycle class, Hutchinson and his 1980 Kawasaki from Columbus, Ohio picked up the win running a 9.844 on a 9.75 dial in.

The next NTR-JEGS Wednesday Night event, #2 in the Summer Series Points, is set for May 27th.

May 13, 2015

Big Dawg
W: Mike Rehl ('91 S-10) - 12.599, 107.90 (12.39 dial).
R/U: Tony Hanson ('85 Camaro) - 10.408, 117.02 (10.21 dial).
Semi's: Chris Castle. Street
W: Baylee Kibbey ('83 Camaro) - 15.240, 91.42 (15.15 dial).
R/U: Shane Ross ('14 Mustang) - 12.773, 110.79 (12.80 dial).
Semi's: Chris Castle.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: John Koenig ('08 Aspen) - 16.375, 82.26 (16.30 dial).
R/U: Mike Rehl ('91 S-10) - 12.554, 107.66 (12.39 dial).
Semi's: Mark Swartz.

Sport Compact
W: Nathan Sherrick ('05 Cobalt) - 17.207, 77.02 (16.84 dial).
R/U: Terri Wilgus ('10 Elantra) - 17.914, 77.97 (17.76 dial).
Semi's: Grant Hartley.

Dennis Vinyl Designs High School
W: Blaine Rager ('80 Camaro) - 13.774, 92.45 (13.78 dial).
R/U: Dustin Eveland ('39 Chevy) - 13.428, 93.12 (13.50 dial).
Semi's: Cardino Fornataro.

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Bruce McCormick ('01 Kawasaki) - 10.549, 125.53 (10.51 dial).
R/U: Bob Burt ('00 Honda) - 10.733, 123.50 (10.65 dial).
Semi's: Pops Luzader.

May 6, 2015

Big Dawg
W: Dave Ramsey ('69 Camaro) - 10.635, 119.16 (10.58 dial).
R/U: Laura Trainer ('74 Challenger) - 12.046, 110.29 (11.95 dial).
Semi's: Mike Nutt; Terry McGee. Street
W: Shane Ross ('14 Mustang) - 13.079, 108.65 (13.00 dial).
R/U: Nathan Sherrick ('05 Cobalt) - 16.985, 75.54 (17.00 dial).
Semi's: Tim Porter; Eddie Watkins.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: Scott Congrove ('85 S-10) - 10.742, 123.11 (10.70 dial).
R/U: Billy Hoskinson ('88 S-10) - foul.
Semi's: Mark Swartz; Gary Preston.

Sport Compact
W: Nathan Sherrick ('05 Cobalt) - 17.330, 65.64 (16.86 dial).
R/U: Jeff Knackstadt ('93 Del Sol) - 12.998, 121.96 (12.40 dial).

Dennis’ Vinyl Designs High School
W: Kyler Smith ('87 S-10) - 12.054, 111.26 (12.12 dial).
R/U: Derrick Wyche ('05 Dakota) - foul.

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Marshall Hutchinson Jr. ('06 Suzuki) - 10.295, 136.39 (10.00 dial).
R/U: Kevin McCauley ('01 Honda) - foul.
Semi's: Rick Bodnar Jr.; Pops Luzader.

April 29, 2015

Big Dawg
W: Brett Tanzillo ('78 Camaro) - 10.154, 133.16 (10.03 dial).
R/U: Dennis Meade ('78 Camaro Z-28) - foul.
Semi's: Jeff Ronan; Joseph Patete. Street
W: Dennis Meade ('85 Camaro) - 11.260, 115.06 (11.25 dial).
R/U: Baylee Kibbey ('83 Camaro) - 15.343, 87.77 (15.30 dial).
Semi's: Shane Ross.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: Alan Kennedy ('67 F-100) - 10.162, 128.91 (10.17 dial).
R/U: Todd Smith ('85 S-10) - foul.
Semi's: Mark Swartz.

Sport Compact
W: Terri Wilgus ('10 Elantra) - 17.996, 77.77 (17.81 dial).
R/U: John Meyers ('09 G37) - 13.636, 101.13 (13.70 dial).
Semi's: Jeff Knackstedt.

Dennis’ Vinyl Designs High School
W: Kyler Smith ('87 S-10) - 12.037, 111.25 (12.10 dial).
R/U: Cardino Fornataro ('84 S-10) - foul.
Semi's: Derrick Wyche; Blaine Rager.

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Kevin McCauley ('01 Honda) - 13.340, 113.89 (12.50 dial).
R/U: Pops Luzader ('01 Hondamatic) - broke.