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NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Results

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Results

July 9, 2014 - Points Race #5

Racers in the NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Series were probably as hyped up about this fantastic weather for a change as those that were here working the event.  With the great weather finally making a appearance on the NTR grounds for a Wednesday Night, the racers in kind were on the grounds getting ready for a battle on this night as well as the annual Night of Thunder event on Saturday.  Incoming points leaders were able to score in half of the classes here tonight as Shawn Pitts ( Street), Daniel Webber (Country Pride Restaurants Sport Compact), and Marshall Hutchinson Jr. (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle) continued their winning ways.  Also scoring wins here tonight were Scott Weisend (Big Dawg), Cardino Fornataro (Superior Exteriors Truck), and Blaine Rager (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School).

Weisend was a wrecking machine throughout the night with his Hebron, Ohio based 1970 Camaro.  Using a string of great reaction times all night long, Weisend advanced to the final round matchup with Dennis Meade and his 1978 Camaro from Newark, Ohio.  Meade was no slouch in his own right as shown by his .002 reaction time in the semifinal win to get to the final round, but it would be Weisend's night here tonight.  Using a just a great .007 reaction time in the final round race, Weisend scored a hole shot win with a 10.932 on his 10.90 dial in.  Meade ran a 11.045 on his 11.04 but was given the runner up.  All was not lost, as Meade now leads Shawn Pitts by one point in the standings.  The top four of Meade, Pitts, Weisend, and Rehl are starting to slowly pull away.

While he lost the points lead in Big Dawg, Pitts and his London, Ohio based 2000 Camaro was able to secure back to back wins in the Street eliminator division.  In the final round, Pitts would go up against the veteran Jack Eppley and his Thronville, Ohio based 1973 Corvette.  Once again it would be the starting line edge gained by the winning driver that would be the total difference.  Pitts used that edge to run a 12.289 on his 12.21 dial in and get the win over the 14.842 on a 14.82 from Eppley.  With two straight wins, Pitts now finds himself ahead of second place Jim Hurdiss by 73 markers.

Fornataro is in the process of moving from the Junior Dragster category of last season to the larger cars in 2014 and tonight was a major step in the right direction.  The Newark, Ohio racer brought his 1984 S-10 to the Truck final round to go up against the 1985 S-10 of Scott Congrove from Lancaster, Ohio.  Both runners were sharp in their semifinal wins as the worst light from the finalists was a .006.  In the final round, Congrove was the better of the two to react to the green.  However, it would be the truck of Fornataro that would find the dial in and get the win.  His 12.285 on a 12.28 dial in picked up the win over the 11.099 on a 11.07 from Congrove.  Congrove's runner up effort allowed him to move to within 21 points of leader Mark Swartz.

Webber is closing in on the end of his racing season here at NTR, as he is moving due to his job.  If it will be a while before Webber returns, he is leaving a mark on the Sport Compact field with his 2012 Forte from Blacklick, Ohio.  In the finals, Webber squared off with Woody Kilgore and his 1989 Daytona from Columbus, Ohio.  Kilgore, who has been a terror on the weekend side, took his new street ride to the final round matchup looking for another win on the season.  But it was Webber and his .014 reaction time that proved to be the downfall for Kilgore.  A 17.666 on a 17.65 dial in for Webber easily made Kilgore break out with a 16.550 on his 16.60 trying to stay in the game.  The win make Webber a 43 point leader over Chris Chase.

The High School final was shaping up to be a great battle as Rager and his 1980 Camaro from Thurston, Ohio would go up against the 1955 International of Dustin Eveland who was running Karla Eveland's truck.  The Zanesville, Ohio runner was doing well in two classes of competition, but the International had a rear end issue in a round of Truck eliminator and he was unable to answer the call for the High School final round.  Rager completed the win with a 14.335 on his 14.37 dial in.  With the win, Rager moves to third place behind Kyler Smith and within 34 points of leader Eveland.

The Motorcycle final round found Hutchinson Jr. returning to his Kawasaki from Columbus, Ohio in preparation for the Night of Thunder event.  In the finals, Hutchinson Jr. would matchup with Chris Herren and his 1997 Suzuki from Obetz, Ohio.  The classic Super Pro Motorcycle vs. Street Motorcycle final round rolled to the line and it was Hutchinson Jr. off the mark first.  He would use that edge to go around Herren before the stripe and secure the win.  His 9.678 on a 9.48 dial in was enough to win over the 10.778 on a 10.52 from Herren.  The win expands Hutchinson Jr's lead over Tom Whiteman to 55 points.

June 25, 2014 - Points Race #4

Mother Nature continues to bring herself to the party on Wednesday Nights, bringing with her rain that delayed the start of the event for a couple of hours.  However, the racers of the series were undaunted and after some drying time the racing action was hot and heavy.  It was fantastic racing action all night long, and all the winning drivers were worthy winners in the end.  Dustin Eveland scored two event wins for the night in Superior Exteriors Truck and Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School, while Shawn Pitts fell just short of joining him in winning Street but settled for runner up in Big Dawg.  Other winners included Mike Rehl (Big Dawg), Chris Chase (Country Pride Restaurant Sport Compact), and Marshall Hutchinson Jr. (Motorcycle).

Eveland's first win of the night was in the High School division.  His 1985 S-10 from Zanesville, Ohio matched up with the 1987 S-10 of Kyler Smith from Baltimore, Ohio.  The two qualifiers for the Bracket Finals team from last season have been two of the better drivers throughout the last couple of years in the class, and the final round continued that trend.  Eveland was quicker off the line in that final round race and it proved to be the difference.  Smith tried to overcome the edge, but broke out at the stripe.  Eveland won with a 12.194 on his 12.12 dial in, while Smith settled for runner up with a 12.220 on his 12.26.  The win puts Eveland 11 points ahead of Smith in the standings.

Eveland then came up in the Truck final round with the same 1985 S-10 from High School eliminator and went up against defending Truck track champion Scott Congrove and his Lancaster, Ohio based 1985 S-10.  Congrove hadn't had the type of start to the season that he was looking for, but his advancement to the final round was a turn in the right direction.  The turn was stopped in the finals as Congrove left the starting line too soon and red lighted to Eveland.  The double was completed when a 12.135 on a 12.12 dial in showed up on the scoreboard for Eveland.  The win allowed Eveland to close to within 31 points of leader Mark Swartz.

Pitts made two final round as well for the night, the first for his 2000 Camaro from London, Ohio came in Big Dawg eliminator.  There he would go up against the 1992 S-10 of Rehl from Newark, Ohio.  Rehl, returning to the track after taking the 2013 season off, is returning to the form that he is known for on the track.  In the final round, Rehl gained a very slight four thousandths of a second edge off the line that proved to be the margin at the stripe.  Rehl's 12.950 on a 12.89 got the win over the 12.278 on a 12.21 from Pitts.  The two finalists now occupy the top two spots in the points, with Pitts ahead by 21.

Undaunted, Pitts returned to the line for the Street final round looking to salvage a split for the night.  Waiting for Pitts in the final round was the 1986 Mustang of Baltimore, Ohio's Brian Flanagan.  Flanagan had worked his way through the tough field to have the chance to go up against the always tough Pitts in the finals.  Pitts reversed the lack of an advantage from Big Dawg off the line in the Street final round and used it to force Flanagan to break out.  Pitts won with a 12.193 on his 12.17 dial in, while Flanagan ran a 15.637 on his 15.77.  The win gives Pitts an 31 point lead over Jason Wollenberg in the standings.

Former Overall Wednesday Night champion Chase and his 2007 Civic based out of Columbus, Ohio reached the final round in Sport Compact tonight.  In the final round, the 2003 Outlander of Chad Sheets from Thornville, Ohio was his competition.  Sheets had a great night off the starting line in the class and the final round was no exception.  A great .018 reaction time from Sheets gave him the edge, but in a double breakout affair, the margin of stripe proved to be too big.  Sheets' 18.639 on a 18.73 dial in fell to the closer 15.779 on a 15.85 from Chase.  With the win, Chase vaults into a tie for the top spot with Daniel Webber after four events.

It was a import vs. domestic battle in the Motorcycle final round as Hutchinson Jr. and his Columbus, Ohio based 2006 Suzuki squared off with the 1999 Harley of Paul Vicory from New Carlisle, Ohio.  Hutchinson Jr., the defending champion of the class used the final round appearance to move into the points lead and wanted to extend it with a win.  That would be done as Vicory left the starting line too soon with a -.009 red light.  Hutchinson won with a 9.990 on his 9.98 dial in and leads Tom Whiteman by 33 points after tonight.

The next Wednesday Night event is scheduled for July 9th. 

June 18, 2014 - Points Race #3

Racing at the Wednesday Night event from last night was stopped due to rain right after the second round of Street eliminator. Because of the event getting through first round, it is deemed complete and points are awarded for the rounds that the classes completed. We thank those in attendance and wish Mother Nature would start playing nice on Wednesday Nights.

June 11, 2014 - Points Race #2

If you are a points racer in the 2014 NTR-JEGS Wednesday Night series, you have to be one of those people that is starting to become angry with Mother Nature and the weatherperson.  After two straight rainouts, the racing schedule once again found Wednesday having a threat of rain all throughout the area.  This week, however, it would be a great night of racing action after a slight delay for a light sprinkle in between the open time trials.  The layoff didn't seem to put a damper on the racing skills of those in attendance as the action was just as tight as it always is.  Scoring wins here at the second points event of the season were Richard McMahan (Big Dawg), Paul King ( Street), Mark Swartz (Superior Exteriors Truck), Daniel Webber (Country Pride Restaurant Sport Compact), Dustin Eveland (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Marshall Hutchinson Jr. (K&C Yamaha Motorcycle).

McMahan has been on a tear throughout the Wednesday Nights before and during the points season.  Tonight, he once again put his 1993 Camaro from Newark, Ohio in the final round of Big Dawg.  Waiting for McMahan in that final round matchup would be the 1970 Duster of Hebron, Ohio's Mitch Williams.  In one of the closest races that happened on this night, Williams gained a .071 to .083 edge off the starting line and almost was able to chase down McMahan.  It was close, but the 13.340 on a 13.32 from McMahan won the race over the 12.693 on a 12.66 from Williams by one thousandth of a second.  Dennis Meade holds onto the top spot by 21 points over defending champion Shawn Pitts in the points.

Two racers that got a late jump in the points after missing the first event of the season made up for the lost time as they squared off in the final round of Street.  Former champion King and his Granville, Ohio based 1978 Malibu would square off with the 1990 Corvette of West Lafayette, Ohio's Jim Hurdiss.  Both racers are usually near the top of the points at season's end and they may return there in 2014.  Hurdiss was slightly better off the starting line, but the Malibu of King was closer to the dial in at the stripe.  Using a 11.781 on his 11.78, King picked up his first win on the year over the 12.914 on a 12.85 from Hurdiss.  The win puts King 19 points behind points leader Jason Wollenberg after two events.

The Truck eliminator final round found a return to the money round of a veteran that had to miss the 2013 season.  Mike Rehl and his new 1992 S-10 entry from Newark, Ohio made the final round to go up against last season's second place finisher in the points Swartz and his 1986 S-10 from Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  Rehl showed his year off rust is slowly fading as he was quicker off the line, but was a bit too quick on the dial in on the final pass.  Rehl was forced to settle for runner up as he ran a 12.757 on his 12.80 dial in.  Swartz was tight in the final round with a 10.837 on his 10.84 for the win.  The win puts Swartz ahead of the field by 11 markers.

Back in 2013, two racers tended to matchup in the final round of Sport Compact throughout the middle part of the season.  Tonight, the friendly rivalry renewed itself as Webber and his 2012 Forte from Blacklick, Ohio would go up against the 2003 SLK32 of Matt Freitag from Groveport, Ohio.  Both drivers were very good off the starting line all night long, and in the final round the reaction time would be the difference.  Webber's edge over Freitag was vital as his 17.582 on a 17.53 dial in was good enough to score the win over the 12.504 on a 12.50 from Freitag.  With the win, Webber now is tied with opening race winner Nathan Sherrick in the top points spot.

Defending champion in High School Eveland wasn't able to attend the first event of the points season, but on this night he made his opening points event count.  The 1985 S-10 from Zanesville, Ohio would matchup with a new player on the grounds in Derrick Wyche and his 2005 Dakota from Lewis Center, Ohio.  Eveland was better off the line and would carry his S-10 around Wyche at the finish line for the win.  Eveland ran a 12.205 on his 12.06 dial in to score the win over the 18.463 on a 18.24 from Wyche.  With the win, Eveland moves into a tie with Kyler Smith atop the standings.

Another defending champion returned to the winner circle after missing the first points event of the season.  Hutchinson Jr. brought his 2008 Suzuki to the line in Motorcycle and scored the win with a 10.002 on his 9.90 dial in.  The Columbus, Ohio rider is now tied with Tom Whiteman in the points after two events.

The next Wednesday Night event is set for June 18th.

May 21, 2014 - Points Race #1

If the opening point's race for the 2014 season here at NTR are any indication of how the weather will play out for the season, then it doesn't matter what the weather people are reporting.  With doom and gloom going on all around the area, the racers that started off the points year were undeterred and raced down the track to complete the event.  The Sherrick family had a great night of racing action as both John and Nathan were winners, with Nathan getting around his dad for his Country Pride Sport Compact title.  Other winners on this night included Dennis Meade (Big Dawg), Richard McMahan ( Street), Kyler Smith (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Tom Whiteman (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle).

Meade entered the Big Dawg class tonight with his 1978 Camaro from Newark, Ohio.  After a second place finish in the points last season, Meade went up against the man that defeated him for that title Shawn Pitts and his 2000 Camaro from London, Ohio.  With every point mattering in the long run chase for the title, Meade got a fantastic .005 reaction time to get the edge on Pitts off the line.  He would use that edge to score the holeshot victory.  His 11.072 on a 11.03 dial in scored the win over the 12.231 on a 12.21 for Pitts.

The Street eliminator final round was the final pass of the night, and concluded an event that many were not thinking would reach that point.  McMahan and his 1993 Camaro from Newark, Ohio has been on a tear for the past few Wednesday Night races and continued that tonight.  Here he would race former Wednesday Night Street champion Jason Wollenberg from Baltimore, Ohio and his 1993 Mustang.  After cutting a perfect .000 reaction time in the semifinals, McMahan might had put a bit of pressure on Wollenberg as he left the starting line too soon in his attempt to chase down McMahan.  McMahan ran a 13.286 on his 13.31 for the win.

John Sherrick is pulling double duty in 2014 with his 1997 Geo Tracker from Lancaster, Ohio.  The Truck and Sport Compact racer would advance to the final round in Truck to go up against the 1985 S-10 truck of Baltimore, Ohio's Todd Smith.  Smith, like Sherrick, would have both himself and his son in final rounds and was looking to get an early points cushion.  After a nearly even leave in the final round, Smith's entry began to sound rugged down track and would not be able to chase down Sherrick.  A 20.247 on a 19.93 dial in for Sherrick got the win over the 10.966 on a 10.39 for Smith.

The family affair in Sport Compact between the Sherrick's would be intense as Nathan and his 2004 Accent would try to stop John from scoring the double.  With the diversity in Sport Compact, the amount of racing skill and excitement is very vast despite the lack of quick speeds like other classes.  John won the bragging rights for the two drivers with the slighter better reaction time. but it was the better car and dial in from Nathan that would prove to be the determining factor.  His 19.037 on a 18.80 won the race over the 20.179 on a 19.93 for John.

A good turnout of young racers came out to compete in the first High School points event of the year and a pair of drivers from the same town would go head to head for the points lead.  Smith and his 1987 S-10 from Baltimore, Ohio would go up against the 2003 Mustang of Maggie Turley.  While Turley has a ton of experience going down the track with here Junior Dragster, it was Smith that entered the final round with the experience edge in the quarter-mile.  It showed off the line as Smith had a better reaction time.  He used it to score the win with a 12.304 on a 12.05 predicted time.  Turley ran a 17.380 on a 16.95.

The Motorcycle final round was another classic battle on Wednesday Night between a bike with electronics against a street motorcycle racer.  Whiteman and his 1973 Kawasaki Super Pro Motorcycle from Reynoldsburg, Ohio going up against the 2005 Suzuki street motorcycle of Lee Hackler from Baltimore, Ohio.  Despite the difference in motorcycle, both racers were close in dial in for the final round.  However, it was over right off the line when Hackler lit the red light in his lane.  Whiteman won with a 9.841 on his 9.72 dial in.

The next Wednesday Night event is set for May 28th.

May 7, 2014

Results from tonight's Wednesday Night Event for 2014
Points Series for the Wednesday Night begins on May 21

Big Dawg
W: Dana Thompson ('67 Camaro) - 12.297, 100.82 (12.28 dial).
R/U: Terry McGee ('65 Satellite) - 11.988, 110.77 (11.98 dial).
Semi's: Chris Wright. Street
W: Cameron Groff ('81 Cutlass) - 11.837, 104.07 (11.82 dial).
R/U: Richard McMahan ('93 Camaro) - 13.318, 101.52 (13.34 dial).
Semi's: Pat McFadden; Woody Kilgore.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: Woody Kilgore ('01 Dakota) - 18.877, 72.89 (18.65 dial).
R/U: J.D. Goodlive ('95 S-10) - 10.982, 123.26 (10.83 dial).
Semi's: Mark Swartz; Scott Congrove.

Country Pride Restaurant Sport Compact
W: John Sherrick ('97 Tracker) - 19.920, 69.90 (19.81 dial).
R/U: Melissa Holehouse ('10 Forte) - foul.
Semi's: Matt Freitag.

Dennis’ Vinyl Designs High School
W: Jeromy Biggins Jr. ('99 Silverado) - 16.966, 82.76 (16.88 dial).
R/U: Kyler Smith ('87 S-10) - foul.
Semi's: Dustin Eveland.

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Bob Burt ('00 Honda) - 10.696, 125.41 (10.73 dial).
R/U: Tom Whiteman ('73 Kawasaki) - foul.
Semi's: Chris Herren.

April 23, 2014

Results from the first Wednesday Night Event for 2014
Points Series for the Wednesday Night begins on May 21

Big Dawg
W: Dan Trainer Jr. ('70 Dart) - 10.348, 123.68 (10.31 dial).
R/U: Brian Masters ('69 Nova) - 10.791, 122.85 (10.80 dial).
Semi's: Tom Bintz. Street
W: Richard McMahan ('00 Camaro) - 13.189, 100.30 (13.14 dial).
R/U: Roger Roberts ('89 Camaro) - 13.656, 98.87 (13.60 dial).
Semi's: Chuck Dunlap; Brandon Shaffer.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: Jonathan Fornataro ('84 S-10) - 12.185, 106.04 (12.20 dial).
R/U: Todd Smith ('85 S-10) - 10.329, 122.43 (10.35 dial).
Semi's: Woody Kilgore.

Country Pride Restaurant Sport Compact
W: John Sherrick ('97 Tracker) - 20.571, 49.48 (19.84 dial).
R/U: John Bulstrom ('02 Sentra) - 17.648, 76.18 (17.00 dial).

Dennis’ Vinyl Designs High School
W: Hayley King ('07 Grand Marquis) - 18.728, 69.42 (18.16 dial).
R/U: Brian Bahn ('71 Duster) - 12.270, 99.41 (12.30 dial).
Semi's: Cardino Fornataro; Kyler Smith.

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Richard Bodnar ('04 Suzuki) - 9.764, 132.69 (9.32 dial).
R/U: Branden Wiler ('08 Kawasaki) - 11.189, 131,81 (11.20 dial).
Semi's: Chris Herren.