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Shawn Pitts claims Wednesday Night Overall Championship

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Results

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #11 - September 25, 2013

The final Wednesday Night event of the season brought out a great crowd for one final blast down the track on the Wednesday Night schedule.  With two very tight battles for the championship still on the line entering the final event, several racers were looking for glory to shine on them at the end of the night.  It was a long and tiring event that lasted well into the cooling temperatures, but six worthy winners for the night and also for the season were able to win on this night.  And in what might be a precursor of what could happen in the weekend racing series, Shawn Pitts and his 2000 Camaro from London, Ohio was able to rise to the top of the champions for the season and won the Wednesday Night Top Gun Championship.  Winners for the night included a double by Dustin Eveland ( Street and Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), Richard Nihiser (Big Dawg), Mark Swartz (Superior Exteriors Truck), Jason Castle (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact), and Kevin Larrick (K&C Yamaha Motorcycle).

With Pitts already wrapping up the championship before the day began in Big Dawg, Nihiser and his 1986 Monte Carlo from Logan, Ohio advanced to the final round tonight to go up against the 1993 Camaro of Richard McMahan from Newark, Ohio.  McMahan and his street driven entry would get the better of the starting line in the final round matchup, but the charging Nihiser made the decision tough for McMahan at the finish line.  For McMahan, the decision was wrong and he broke out by more than Nihiser at the stripe.  A 9.905 on a 9.93 for Nihiser won the race over the 13.038 on a 13.09 for McMahan.  Pitts won the class by 157 over Dennis Meade who earned the second spot over Steve Little on a tiebreaker.

With five racers going after the Street title, it appeared that the battle would go on all night long.  But the tough racing action in the first round of eliminations determined it earlier than expected.  Incoming points leader Mitch Williams was dealt a tough round one loss by Matt Griffin that opened the door for others.  In a huge matchup later in round one, Shawn Pitts defeated close pursuer Jim Hurdiss to clinch his second title for the season.  In the race final round, Eveland and his 1985 S-10 would go up against the 1965 Chevelle of Kent Gibney from Westerville, Ohio.  Eveland, who would finish third in the points via tiebreaker to Williams, won the race when Gibney left the line too soon.  The Nashport, Ohio runner went a 12.086 on his 12.07 dial in for the victory.

The other tight battle was found in Truck eliminator.  Incoming points leader Scott Congrove was also defeated in the first round, this by second place John Sherrick, to leave the door open for Sherrick to take the title with an event win.  It would not happen for Sherrick as he was defeated by Swartz and his 1986 S-10 from Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  That win pushed Swartz to a final round matchup with outgoing champion Larry Wolfe and his Lancaster, Ohio based 1986 S-10.  Wolfe's mount launched hard off the line and pulled him out of the groove early into the run.  Swartz was able to back into Wolfe for the win and crucial points that pushed him to second in the standings.  His 11.515 on a 10.86 was enough to defeat the 11.678 on a 10.74 for Wolfe.

The Sport Compact class was in some doubt entering round one, but a victory by Daniel Webber over Dakota McHugh was enough to close the deal over Matt Freitag.  Both would bow out in the semifinals and watch as Castle and his 1995 Civic went after his second straight win in the class.  The Lancaster, Ohio racer would go up against another outgoing champion Chris Chase and his 2007 Civic from Columbus, Ohio.  Castle has got that Civic figured out as he used a great .011 reaction time to end up winning the race on a holeshot.  His 18.701 on a 18.54 dial in got the win over the 15.560 on a 15.49 for Chase.

The top two in the High School points would once again matchup for the final round race of the season.  Eveland and his 1985 S-10 from Nashport, Ohio would go up against the 1987 S-10 of Kyler Smith from Baltimore, Ohio.  Both racers had gone far in eliminations at the Bracket Finals in Indianapolis, Indiana earlier in the month, and were looking to end the season with a win.  Eveland would get a slight five thousandths of a second edge off the line and scored the tight win.  His 12.267 on a 12.12 won over the 12.195 on a 12.05 for Smith.

Larrick and his 1973 Kawasaki put an exclamation point on his championship win this season by advancing to another final round.  The Baltimore, Ohio racer would go up against another former champion Bob Burt and his Honda from Orient, Ohio.  Larrick would used a .039 to .060 edge off the line to score a very close holeshot win as well in the final round race.  His 9.281 on a 9.25 won over the 10.702 on a 10.69 for Burt.  Larrick wins the title over the always competitive Marshall Hutchinson Jr. for his first Wednesday Night title,

In the runoff, Congrove went first and posted a nice 11.229 on his 11.21 dial in.  Add in his .031 reaction time and his total package of .050 would be tough to beat.  Webber tried to do better, and was not too bad on his pass.  But a 17.387 on a 17.34 pass and .031 light was too far off (.078).  Pitts was then able to take his first pass of two earned shots and posted the winning pass of the event.  A fantastic .003 reaction time and 12.170 on a 12.13 dial in gave him a .043 total package for the lead.  Eveland was out of the running after a .044 reaction time by a thousandth of a second, so his heartbreaking 12.069 on a 12.07 dial in pass wasn't as painful in the end.  Larrick, after an issue with his helmet visor before the run, tried his hand, but a .075 light ended his run.  With only Pitts left to try to defeat himself, the title was determined.  Pitts made the final run to complete the event, but his .017 red light wasn't enough.

Another fantastic season of Wednesday Night racing is in the books and everyone here at NTR is honored to have such a great group of racers here at the track.  Thank You to all!

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #10 - September 11, 2013

On a day that many in America were remembering those that fell on the terrible day 12 years ago, everyone here at National Trail Raceway were on the track enjoying the freedom that those that brought that fateful day tried to change.  With the great resiliency that makes all of those in the United States rise above the challenges from the past and future, everyone gathered on the track to put on a great night of racing action.  Only one more points event is left on the schedule for the 2013 Wednesday Night Series and the points battle in some of the classes will come down to that very event.  A pair of family members went against one another in the Street final round, while a soon to be champion put the finishing touches on a great season.  Winning tonight was Shawn Pitts (Big Dawg), Wayne Wollenberg ( Street), Larry Wolfe (Superior Exteriors Truck), Matt Freitag (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact), Kyler Smith (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Marshall Hutchinson Jr. (K&C Yamaha Motorcycle).

The soon to be 2013 Big Dawg Track Champion, Pitts and his 2000 Camaro Z-28 prepared for the NHRA North Central Division Bracket Finals in Indianapolis this weekend by getting to the final round.  The London, Ohio runner would go up against the Etna, Ohio racer Steve Little and his 1967 Camaro.  Pitts, who would leave tonight's event with an 147 point lead over Dennis Meade, would put a final bow on the night with the better reaction time in the final round race.  Little tried to chase down Pitts but would not get there.  Pitts ran a 12.266 on a 12.26 dial in to win over the 10.106 on a 10.07 for Little. 

The Street final round would be a family battle as Wayne Wollenberg and his 1985 Mustang from Baltimore, Ohio would go against his son Jason Wollenberg and his 1993 Mustang from Baltimore, Ohio as well.  Jason, the defending Street eliminator champion looks to be out of range to defend the title, but for tonight was looking for the win over his father.  However, it was Wayne that got the better of the two off the starting line and forced Jason to breakout at the stripe.  Wayne ran a 12.376 on his 12.31 to defeat the too quick 11.425 on a 11.43 pass for Jason.  The points chase stayed right at the same spot entering the final event as the top 6 in the points were out of competition after round one.  With one event left, Mitch Williams has a three point lead in the True Total over Shawn Pitts.  Jim Hurdiss is also right in the thick of the battle as well.

When the incoming points leader John Sherrick was taken out in the first round of eliminations by Larry Wolfe, the Truck battle in the points took a change at the top.  Wolfe would get to the final round with his 1986 S-10 from Lancaster, Ohio to go up against the new points leader Scott Congrove and his 1985 S-10 from Lancaster, Ohio.  Congrove, who stopped fellow points battler Mark Swartz in the semifinals, was looking to put a few more points in his tally before the finale.  Congrove was quicker off the line in the final matchup and looked to get that edge, but was too quick at the finish line and brokeout.  Wolfe ran a 10.863 on his 10.81 to win over the 11.389 on a 11.40 for Congrove.  As the final event comes around the corner, Congrove leads Sherrick by 23 and Swartz by 35 markers.

Two racers have battled throughout the season in the Sport Compact class for the top spot and tonight was the same as both went into the final round.  Freitag and his 1002 SLK32 from Groveport, Ohio and Daniel Webber and his 2010 Forte from Blacklick, Ohio once again went toe to toe looking for the event win.  With only one event to go, a loss by Freitag would end any slight chance for the championship over the defending champion.  Webber got the better reaction time in the final round, but was unable to run the number and fell to Freitag.  He kept his slim chances for the title alive with a 13.056 on a 12.91 winning pass.  Webber ran a 17.746 on his 17.51 dial in.  Webber still looks good as he leads by 44 entering the final race.

A rematch in the final round from last Wednesday Night, Smith and his 1987 S-10 from Baltimore, Ohio would once again go up against the 1980 Camaro of Blaine Rager from Thurston, Ohio in the High School final round matchup.  Both new racers are starting to get comfortable in their vehicles and are making some great progress on the track.  Rager, who won the bonus in round one with a great .007 reaction time, was too quick in the final round and left the red light glowing with a -.004 foul start.  Smith ran a 11.999 on his 12.00 dial in to pick up another event win.  Dustin Eveland still leads the class and looks to be secure for the title as he holds a 65 point lead over Smith.

As in Sport Compact, Hutchinson Jr. and his 1980 Kawasaki from Columbus, Ohio scored a vital win in his points chase by defeating the points leader in round one.  Hutchinson Jr. then went into the final round up against the 2000 Kawasaki of Freddie Castle from Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  Hutchinson Jr. was better off the starting line in the final round pass and scored the win in a very close race.  Hutchinson Jr. ran a 9.531 on his 9.51 dial in to win over the 9.705 on a 9.66 for Castle.  The win allowed Hutchinson Jr. to move to within 66 points of Kevin Larrick, but needs a lot of help to get past him at the last event.

The final NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night event is scheduled for September 25th.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #9 - September 4, 2013

The final month of racing in the NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Series tells the tale for those racing for a championship here in 2013.  With only two points races left after tonight, if you want to be a player in the points title for your class racers had to make their move tonight.  Some were able to bring themselves right back into the battle with their performances here tonight, while others are starting to feel the sting of early round losses either taking them out of a chance or letting others back into the fight.  Scoring event wins tonight were Scott Weisend (Big Dawg), Jim Hurdiss ( Street), Scott Congrove (Superior Exteriors Truck), Jason Castle (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact), Kyler Smith (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Kevin Larrick (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle).

Weisend brought a new car to the fight here tonight.  The power plant from his trust Nova was now in a 1970 Camaro for the Hebron, Ohio runner.  He took the new combination to the final round of Big Dawg to go up against the always tough 1974 Duster of Terry McGee from Newark, Ohio.  Both great drivers went into the final round race knowing that the other would be tough to get around.  The race was over before Weisend had a chance to leave the starting line as McGee left the red light glowing with a -.007 reaction time.  Weisend completed the win by running a 10.242 on his 10.25 dial in.  In the points standings, incoming leader Shawn Pitts suffered his first round one loss to lose some of his lead.  It was limited however as second place Dennis Meade was out of competition the following round.  Pitts leads by 94, with Weisend now in third.

After a second round loss by Shawn Pitts in Street, those near the top of the points were eager to make a move on the leader.  Hurdiss and his 1990 Corvette from West Lafayette, Ohio was able to take some advantage of the situation by getting to the final round.  There, he would go up against another Corvette, this one a 1986 version, of Newark, Ohio's Dennis Meade.  Both Corvettes, maroon in color, would leave the line with Hurdiss getting the better reaction time of the two.  Meade tried in vain to chase him down before the finish line, but broke out trying to do so.  Hurdiss was tough as he 12.712 on a 12.70 dial in won over the 11.898 on a 11.91 for Meade.  Mitch Williams lost to Hurdiss in the semifinals, but both now are well within striking distance of the leader.  Williams is now just 7 points behind Pitts for the top spot, while Hurdiss moves to within 28 markers.

Like in Street, the incoming points leader in Truck eliminator John Sherrick was also shown the door in the first round of racing.  That allowed Congrove and his 1985 S-10 from Lancaster, Ohio the opportunity to move back towards the top.  Also looking to make a move was the 1986 S-10 of defending track champion and fellow Lancaster, Ohio native Larry Wolfe.  Both S-10 drivers were not backing off the reaction time in the final round as Wolfe's .005 light was better than the .019 reaction time from Congrove.  But, as the two drivers reached the finish line stripe, it was the yellow entry of Congrove that scored the win.  His 11.354 on a 11.33 dial in was better than the 10.830 on a 10.76 for Wolfe.  With leader Sherrick and second place Mark Swartz both out in the first round, Congrove pushed his way in between the two.  He trails Sherrick by just 19 points.

While others were losing parts of their lead, Daniel Webber and his 2010 Forte from Blacklick, Ohio was going the opposite direction.  Webber would go up against Castle and his Accord from Lancaster, Ohio in the final round of Sport Compact.  Castle, who helped out Webber in the semifinals by defeating his closest pursuer Matt Freitag, was on the tree all night long with his entry in both Sport Compact and Street.  The final round was no exception as he got the better reaction time over Webber.  Webber tried to chase down Castle before the finish line, but was never able to get around him despite the breakout that showed up on the scoreboard.  Castle posted a 18.763 on a 18.75 dial in to win the race over the 17.479 on a 17.53 for Webber.  The 11 points gained by Webber for the night gives him a 65 point lead.

Another new winner was going to come from the two finalists in High School.  Smith and his 1987 S-10 from Baltimore, Ohio would go up against fellow classmate Blaine Rager and his Thurston, Ohio based 1980 Camaro in the final round.  The only two High School racers this season that have defeated Dustin Eveland in eliminations would put on a great race in the final round matchup.  Rager got a slight edge off the staring line, but it would be the S-10 that slipped across the finish line first for the win.  Smith ran a 12.012 on his 12.00 dial in to get his first win of the year.  Rager ran a nice 14.861 on his 14.81 but had to settle for the runner up.  Eveland's first round loss allowed both racers to close in on the leader, but his great beginning to the season still gives him a 88 point cushion over Smith.

Just like in Sport Compact, the points leader in Motorcycle was able to put more distance between himself and the field.  Larrick and his 1973 Kawasaki would go up against the 1973 Kawasaki of Reynoldsburg, Ohio's Tom Whiteman.  Larrick, who saw Whiteman win a very tight race with incoming second place Marshall Hutchinson Jr. in round one, was looking to give himself a bigger lead entering the last two events.  However, the Baltimore, Ohio native was behind off the line as Whiteman had the better light.  The deficit was made up at the finish line as Larrick's dial in and motorcycle saved him.  A 9.260 on a 9.26 dial in pass by Larrick made up for the reaction time deficit and Whiteman's 9.724 on a 9.64 pass.  Larrick now moves his lead over Hutchinson Jr. to 78 points.

The next to last Wednesday Night event is scheduled for next week, September 11th.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday NIght Points #8 - August 28, 2013

It felt like a replay from last week all over again here tonight.  Once again the rain began to fall right before the gates opened and some trepidation about the night's event was brought up.  But like the last event, the weather cleared and the racing action for the event was completed for everyone.  Tonight brought with it a new winner as for the first time all season, someone other than Mother Nature stopped Dustin Eveland from the High School event win.  Undaunted, Eveland was still found in the list of winners as he worked his way through the Street field for the win.  Other winners here tonight included Dan Trainer Jr. (Big Dawg), John Sherrick (Superior Exteriors Truck), Daniel Webber (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact), Cole Bailey (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Freddie Castle (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle).

Whenever you see the 1970 Dart of Orient, Ohio's Trainer roll into the gate, there is always a sense accomplishment that can be found in the area.  With all of his success on the race track, Trainer worked his way to the final round where the 1967 Camaro of Steve Little from Etna, Ohio waited for him.  Both blue and yellow entries rolled to the line for the final round race and closed the night with a great race.  Little got the light with a .008 reaction time to the .021 for Trainer.  As the neared the stripe, it was Little ahead but it proved to be too much.  Trainer won with a 10.244 on his 10.26 dial while Little was under by more with a 10.101 on his 10.12.  The top two in the points, Shawn Pitts and Dennis Meade both were out of competition in the second round, keeping the points lead at 104 with three events to go for Pitts.

Eveland wasn't able to keep the streak going in High School, but his 1985 S-10 from Nashport, Ohio was still able to make a final round appearance in Street.  In the final round race, it would be Eveland going up against the 1970 Duster of Mitch Williams from Hebron, Ohio.  Both racers made their final round appearance count as they started to cut into the lead of points leader Shawn Pitts who went out in the second round.  Eveland was quicker off the starting line and it proved to be vital at the finish line.  Williams took the finish line stripe by seven ten-thousandths of a second over Eveland, but broke out with a tough 12.479 on his 12.48 dial in.  Eveland won with a 12.078 on a 12.06 dial in.  Williams did use the runner up to move to within 38 points of Pitts.  Eveland's win puts him in 3rd and 70 markers back.

Sherrick and his 1984 S-10 from Lancaster, Ohio came into tonight's event tied for the points lead.  At the end of the night he would not only take the lead by himself, but would run against the 1985 S-10 of fellow Lancaster, Ohio racer Scott Congrove in the final round.  Congrove, who was third in the points entering tonight, needed to get the crucial 22 point swing in the final round to close the gap.  However, off the drop of the green, Sherrick used a great .016 reaction time to get the advantage that would prove to be the difference.  In a double breakout race, Sherrick's 12.436 on a 12.46 dial in won the race over the 11.424 on a 11.45 for Congrove.  Sherrick pulled away from Mark Swartz with the win.  He now leads him by 33 points.

It was another matchup of the top two in the points in the final round as the 2010 Forte of Blacklick, Ohio's Webber went up against the second man in the points Matt Freitag and his 2003 SLK32 from Groveport, Ohio.  In the final round race last week, it was Webber scoring the win and Freitag needed to turn the tables in this final round race to stay close in the points.  Webber was ready with a better reaction time off the line and kept the win light in his lane once again.  His 17.978 on a 17.85 got the victory over Freitag's 12.923 on a 12.84.  The 22 point win light swing pushes the lead of Webber to 54 over Freitag.

The big story in High School was in round one when Kyler Smith locked up the final spot on Team NTR for the second High School driver by defeating Dustin Eveland in the opening round.  Smith would take his 1987 S-10 from Baltimore, Ohio to the final round of racing against the 1981 Camaro of Bailey from Thornville, Ohio.  Both drivers were looking for their first race win of the season in this final round matchup.  Smith had the better of the two reaction times, but took too much stripe at the finish and broke out.  His 12.108 on a 12.15 dial in fell to the 13.021 on a 12.96 for Bailey.  Eveland still holds a comfortable lead over Smith entering the final stretch of the season.

Castle came out tonight and advanced to the final round of the Motorcycle class with his Reynoldsburg, Ohio based 1973 Kawasaki.  In the final round he would go up against the 1973 Kawasaki of Baltimore, Ohio's Kevin Larrick.  Larrick, who got around Marshall Hutchinson Jr. in an important semifinal race, was looking to get more points towards his lead.  Larrick may have tried too hard in the final round as he lit the red light giving the win light to Castle.  He completed the win with a 8.937 on a 8.95 pass.  Larrick was able to pick up 11 points on his closest rival Hutchinson Jr. to pull ahead by 45 over the defending champion.

The next event for the Wednesday Night Series is set for next Wednesday, September 4th.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #7 - August 21, 2013

Mother Nature has played a role in the points series here on the NTR- JEGS Wednesday Night Series and tonight was no exception.  After earlier in the season forcing the racers to only have 11 races towards the title instead of 12, she tried to stopped everyone from their grand return to the track.  However, she relented and the racers put on a great show for all in attendance.  The points chases are starting to come to an end, but wins for the season are still a top priority for everyone in attendance.  A few of the racers here tonight were able to used these wins to put themselves towards the top of the standings in their classes as the final push begins.  Scoring wins for the night were Larry Berry (Big Dawg), Mitch Williams ( Street), Mark Swartz (Superior Exteriors Truck), Daniel Webber (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact), Dustin Eveland (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Kevin Larrick (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle).

Berry visited the winner circle for the first time in Big Dawg this season with his 1967 Mustang from Baltimore, Ohio.  The veteran racer would go up against the 1981 Cutlass of Cameron Groff from Columbus, Ohio.  The final round matchup looked to be a good one as both had been running well all night long, and it truly lived up to it.  Both racers left the line with identical .042 reaction times, making the dial ins even more crucial.  Berry had it figured it out to near perfection with a 10.875 on his 10.87 getting the win.  Groff tried but was just off with a 11.595 on a 11.58.  It was good news and bad news for points leader Shawn Pitts as he lost to Groff in round two, but saw his lead expand to 104 after second place Dennis Meade went out in round one.

The Street final round found two of the top points earners going head to head in a critical race for both trying to catch the points leader.  Williams and his 1970 Duster from Hebron, Ohio was looking to move back towards the top of the standings, but would first have to get past incoming second place Jim Hurdiss and his West Lafayette, Ohio based 1990 Corvette.  Williams, who helped everyone by defeating points leader Shawn Pitts in round four, would be the better of the two off the line in the final round matchup and drove around Hurdiss for the win.  A 12.506 on a 12.42 for Williams won over the breakout 12.598 on a 12.61 for Hurdiss.  Both finalists moved closer to Pitts with four events to go.  Pitts leads Hurdiss by 71 markers and Williams by 80.

After winning a huge semifinal race against points leader John Sherrick, Swartz and his 1986 S-10 from Reynoldsburg, Ohio came into the final round to go up against the Baltimore, Ohio based 1985 S-10 of Todd Smith for the Truck eliminator win for the night.  Swartz, who posted a three thousandths package on first round opponent Scott Congrove, was ready for the final round race and grabbed the Christmas Tree edge.  Smith tried in vain to catch Swartz but could never get there despite a slight breakout.  Swartz ran a 10.960 on a 10.93 to win over the 10.593 on a 10.60 for Smith.  With the win, Swartz now moves into a tie for the top spot with Sherrick.

In the first round of Street eliminator, Webber and his 2010 Forte from Blacklick, Ohio went out in the first round to the 2003 SLK32 of Groveport, Ohio's Matt Freitag.  A couple of hours later, they both would meet up again in the Sport Compact final round.  Webber was looking to reverse the first outcome, while Freitag was looking for the sweep.  Off the start, it was Webber that got the better reaction time and forced Freitag to breakout to get around him.  Webber posted a 17.843 on his 17.81 dial in to win the race over the 12.578 on a 12.58 for Freitag.  The win puts Webber ahead of Freitag by 43 points as the top two from last season pick up the battle once again.

With the type of season that Eveland is having with his Nashport, Ohio based 1985 S-10, it isn't certain if anyone but Eveland himself can stop him in High School.  Trying all season long to do just that is the 1987 S-10 of Kyler Smith from Baltimore, Ohio.  Both students have shown growth throughout the season in their driving of the quarter mile, but the edge still stands with Eveland.  A better light allowed Eveland to get the holeshot win in the final round.  He posted a 12.366 on his 12.19 to win over the closer 12.272 on the 12.21 for Smith.  With the points for the NHRA North Central Bracket Finals team in High School being determined after next week, Eveland and Smith have the edge for the two spots.

Larrick entered today's event with a slight edge in the points over Marshall Hutchinson Jr.  When the latter was defeated by Phil Freeland in the first round, it gave Larrick and his Baltimore, Ohio based 1973 Kawasaki the chance to put some ground between himself and his closest pursuer.  Waiting for Larrick in the final round was the 1973 Kawasaki of Reynoldsburg, Ohio's Tom Whiteman.  Both riders were quick off the start, with Larrick being the slight better of the two.  As they crossed the stripe, the win light came on in Larrick's lane as a 9.358 on a 9.28 got the nod over the 9.804 on a 9.71 for Whiteman.  The standings stayed the same, but Larrick now leads Hutchinson Jr. by 34.

The next NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night race is scheduled for August 28th.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #6 - July 31, 2013

The second half of the Wednesday Night points series has come for the racers here at NTR and the competition is starting to pair off into the championship chasers and those looking to play the spoiler.  With only a handful of races left, and a long break scheduled for the month of August, winners here tonight have the opportunity to ride some momentum into the final stretch run.  Shawn Pitts and Dustin Eveland, two young runners in the Wednesday Night series, tried to get the elusive double up here tonight but would have to settle for a win and runner up respectfully.  Pitts ( Street), and Eveland (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), were joined by Dana Thompson (Big Dawg), JD Goodlive (Superior Exteriors Truck), Matt Freitag (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact), and Marshall Hutchinson Jr. (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle) in the winner circle for the night.

Thompson and his 1967 Camaro advanced to the final round of competition in the Big Dawg class here tonight.  The Hebron, Ohio runner would go up against Pitts in the first of his two final round races of the night.  Pitts, the leader in the points with his London, Ohio based 2000 Camaro Z-28, had already extended his lead in the standings but wanted more on this night.  Thompson would have none of it as he got the better reaction time off the line and cashed it in on the big end for the holeshot win.  A 12.484 on a 12.43 dial in got the win over the closer 12.222 on a 12.19 for Pitts.  Despite the runner up finish, Pitts still looks strong as he extended the lead over Dennis Meade to 94.

As Pitts was advancing through the field in both Big Dawg and Street, Eveland scored his first win of the night in High School eliminator with his 1985 S-10 truck from Nashport, Ohio.  In the first final round, Eveland would go head to head against the S-10 of Thruston, Ohio's Blaine Rager.  Rager, who had his truck taken off the track on the NTR - Coughlin Automotive Rollback in the semifinals with a flat tire, repaired the tire and matched up with Eveland for the win.  However, it was not to be for Rager as Eveland had the better light and forced Rager to breakout.  Eveland won with a 12.255 on his 12.10 dial in.  Rager ran a tough 17.094 on a 17.10 for the runner up.  Eveland's fifth win of the year puts him ahead of Kyler Smith by 110 markers.

The Street final round would find the two double finalists battle it out for the win.  Pitts was looking to score a win on the night, while Eveland was looking for the double.  Both racers dialed very close in the final round tilt, but it was over at the line when Eveland left the starting line too soon.  A -.012 reaction time spelled the end of the double dream for Eveland and made the 12.181 on a 12.19 for Pitts the winner in Street.  With his first win of the season in Street, Pitts now leads Jim Hurdiss and Cameron Groff by 93 with five races to go.

With the top of the points standings out early, it left Goodlive and his 1995 S-10 from Logan, Ohio to go up against the 1986 S-10 of Lancaster, Ohio's Larry Wolfe in the final round of Truck.  Wolfe, the defending Truck eliminator champion was looking to get back into the points battle while Goodlive was looking for an event win.  Off the line, Wolfe had the better reaction time, but it was the truck of Goodlive that showed the way across the stripe for the win.  Running a 11.881 on his 11.88 dial in, Goodlive won by 5 thousandths of a second over the 10.864 on a 10.82 for Wolfe.  John Sherrick's semifinal finish allowed him to take the top spot by 20 points over Scott Congrove.

It has been a tough stretch to start the year for defending Sport Compact champion Freitag and his 2003 SLK32 from Groveport, Ohio.  However, he returned to the final round to go up against friendly rival Daniel Webber and his 2010 Forte from Blacklick, Ohio.  Webber, who would take over the points lead with this final round appearance, would get the better of the two reaction times in the final round run, but the charging Mercedes of Freitag would be able to drive around him for the win.  A 12.784 on a 12.69 for Freitag scored win number two on the year over the 17.828 on a 17.63 for Webber.  Webber leads Nathan Sherrick by 13 after tonight's race.

Hutchinson Jr. gained maximum points on the leader Kevin Larrick tonight with his victory in Motorcycle.  The 1980 Kawasaki from Columbus, Ohio would go up against the 2006 Suzuki of Glenn Jamison from Galloway, Ohio.  Hutchinson Jr. is working on repeating his title from 2012 and tonight's win certainly helped out a ton.  With a nice .031 reaction time, Hutchinson Jr. got the edge off the line and drove around Jamison for the win.  A 9.546 on a 9.52 for Hutchinson Jr. won over the 9.780 on a 9.64 for Jamison.  The win puts Hutchinson Jr. within 1 point of Larrick in the standings.

The next NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night event is scheduled for August 21st.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #5 - July 24, 2013

Final Round Results

Big Dawg
W: Kenny Brown ('71 Camaro) - 9.985, 129.65 (9.98 dial).
R/U: Dennis Meade ('78 Camaro) - 10.937, 121.01 (10.93 dial).
Semi's: Chris Castle; Terry McGee. Street
W: Mitch Williams ('70 Duster) - 12.427, 106.58 (12.42 dial).
R/U: Ricky Moorehead ('93 Mustang) - 13.389, 103.99 (13.44 dial).
Semi's: Dustin Eveland; Jack Eppley.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: Mark Swartz ('86 S-10) - 11.033, 122.90 (10.94 dial).
R/U: Scott Congrove ('85 S-10) - 11.296, 119.53 (11.34 dial).
Semi's: John Sherrick.

Denny’s Restaurant Sport Compact
W: Daniel Webber ('10 Forte) - 17.338, 79.92 (17.28 dial).
R/U: Chris Chase ('94 Civic) - 14.656, 92.51 (14.72 dial).
Semi's: Jonathan Sirmon.

Dennis’ Vinyl Designs High School
W: Dustin Eveland ('85 S-10) - 12.076, 107.26 (12.13 dial).
R/U: Kyler Smith ('87 S-10) - 13.428, 95.72 (13.50 dial).
Semi's: Blaine Rager; Cole Bailey.

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Kevin Larrick ('73 Kawasaki) - 9.298, 136.51 (9.28 dial).
R/U: Marshall Hutchinson Jr. ('80 Kawasaki) - 9.610, 133.32 (9.55 dial).
Semi's: Paul Vicory; Princess Byrd.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #4 - June 26, 2013

Not quite the weather reports that we all come to love here in Central Ohio, but the racers of the Wednesday Night Series were undaunted as they arrived at the track.  With all projections showing the rain not coming in until around 9 PM, the racers set off in a race against not only each other on the track but also against Mother Nature herself.  In the end, it was a "wash" as round one was in the books and round two had begun before the rains came for the night.  Thus, all points earned here tonight in the first round do count towards the points championship and the race is complete.

Check out the points sheets for the complete rundown of the points standings after tonight.  Reminder that some classes were into the semifinals or finals when the race was called so those bonus points are added into the points total as well for the night.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points Standings

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #3 - June 19, 2013

It was a little latter than originally expected, but the third of the 12 race Wednesday Night series events got onto the track looking for six deserving winners.  A great turnout of racers came to the track under clear and pleasant skies wanting to accomplish that goal of being the winner for the night in their class.  When the lights went off at the end of the night, it was the family Sherrick that showed the best with two of the six event wins.  With John (Superior Exteriors Truck) and Nathan (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact) getting wins here tonight it made for a successful outing for the both.  Other winners tonight included Scott Weisend (Big Dawg), Jason Wollenberg ( Street), Dustin Eveland (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Lee Hackler (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle).

For the Sherrick family it was Nathan getting his win first in Sport Compact.  The 1997 Mirage of the Hillsboro, Ohio runner would go up against the 1997 Civic of Josh Moore from Newark, Ohio in the final round.  Sherrick might have the slowest car in the class, but consistency on both the track and the Christmas Tree was important all night long.  Sherrick had the better of the two lights and used it to score the holeshot win at the finish line.  His 20.126 on a 20.09 dial in won the race over the 15.716 on a 15.70 for Moore.  The win puts Sherrick 33 points ahead of Matt Pound in the standings.

Father John Sherrick then came out in the Truck final round with his Lancaster, Ohio based 1984 S-10 to go up against the 1986 S-10 of defending champion Larry Wolfe.  Both former champions put on a great show in the final matchup.  Wolfe had a .025 to .030 advantage off the starting line in the final round race, but his truck was too quick at the finish line.  A breakout 10.870 on a 10.89 for Wolfe gave the win to Sherrick and his 12.238 on a 12.16 pass.  Like his son in Sport Compact, the win in Truck propelled John to the top spot by 10 points over incoming leader Scott Congrove.

Entering tonight with the points lead in two classes, Shawn Pitts was looking to extend those leads here tonight.  In the Big Dawg final round, it was his 2000 Camaro from London, Ohio looking to score maximum points against the 1969 Nova of Weisend from Hebron, Ohio.  Weisend, coming off a perfect reaction time in the previous round win, got the very slight edge off the line in the final round, but it was Pitts and his too quick elapsed time that proved to be the difference.  A 12.132 on a 12.14 for Pitts relegated him to runner up as Weisend won with a 10.554 on a 10.53.  Despite the loss, Pitts did expand the lead to 74 markers over Dennis Meade.

Last year's points champion Wollenberg was not off to the type of start that he wanted in Street, but tonight his 1993 Mustang made it all the way to the final round.  There, the Baltimore, Ohio racer would go up against the always tough Neil Holman and his family's 1965 Nova from Pataskala, Ohio.  Both drivers were on their game throughout the night, but it was Wollenberg that raised the stakes in the final matchup.  A clutch .018 reaction time got the edge off the green, and when you couple that with a 11.391 on a 11.39 pass and Holman was left with very little to defend.  Holman ran a nice 19.027 on a 19.00, but it was no match for the great Wollenberg pass.  Shawn Pitts leads Jim Hurdiss by 40 points for the top spot, but with the win Wollenberg moves into the fourth spot.

Only one racer still is unblemished for the season in their class, and for Eveland another High School event win was the final outcome on this night.  The 1985 S-10 from Nashport, Ohio would go up against a new finalists in Blaine Rager and his 1984 GMC from Thurston, Ohio.  Rager, who got his license just this past week, showed that he was a fast learner on the track as he got to the final round in his first race.  Eveland, however still has the experience advantage and used it to get the win.  After a slight edge to Eveland off the line, he backed into a 12.979 on a 12.55 pass for the win.  Rager ran a 16.011 on his 15.60 predicted time.  Eveland now leads Kyler Smith by 66 points.

The Motorcycle finals was a unique situation as Hackler and his 2005 Suzuki from Baltimore, Ohio ran unopposed in the final round matchup.  As the semifinals rolled around, it was only one of the two pairs that made the class call.  Hackler used a better reaction time and a 9.855 on a 9.80 to dispatch of points leader Kevin Larrick.  On the other side of the ladder, it was Erik Halkum and Glenn Jamison that were not able to return to the lanes for their matchup.  That made Hackler's final round run a single.  He ran a safe 10.015 on his 9.80 dial in to complete the event win.  Larrick still leads the points standings by 44 over Marshall Hutchinson Jr, and Tom Whiteman.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #2 - June 5, 2013

Another great turnout of racers came into the grounds tonight for the second event in the 2013 Wednesday Night series here at NTR.  Six racers went into tonight's event looking to keep their undefeated streaks from last week intact.  When the racing action was concluded, right before the rain began to fall on the track, only three of those racers were still able to defend those undefeated streaks.  Three new winners joined Scott Congrove (Superior Exteriors Truck), Dustin Eveland (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Kevin Larrick (Motorcycle) in the winner circle for tonight.  Those three were Nick Buzzelli (Big Dawg), Jim Hurdiss ( Street), and Matt Freitag (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact).

For Shawn Pitts, his racing night was progressing well throughout the event.  His 2000 Camaro from London, Ohio was rolling along throughout the night and made the Big Dawg final round for the second race in a row.  In that final round he would go up against the 1977 Trans Am of Buzzelli from Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  Buzzelli was looking to stop Pitts from winning the first two races of the season and did it right off the line.  Buzzelli cut a .007 reaction time to get the advantage off the line.  Pitts broke out trying to stay ahead of the charging Buzzelli and was forced to settle for runner up.  A 10.282 on a 10.20 for Buzzelli won over the 12.329 on a 12.35 for Pitts.  With two final round appearances, Pitts lead Dennis Meade by 22 points.  Buzzelli sits in the third spot.

Undaunted, Pitts returned a few minutes later and tried his best to score the win in the Street final round.  The Camaro had already advanced further in Street than it did last week and was looking to get the win.  Waiting for him was the 1990 Corvette of Jim Hurdiss from West Lafayette, Ohio.  Not wanting to breakout in the final round here like in Big Dawg, Pitts dialed down for the final against Hurdiss.  But in the end, it was a repeat of the previous final round.  Hurdiss was .015 off the line and was the better of the two off the start.  At the stripe, the breakout was still in Pitts' lane and Hurdiss won with a great 12.595 on his 12.59 dial in.  Pitts ran a 12.298 on his 12.30.  Despite the two runner ups, Pitts does leave with the points lead in both classes.  In Street, he is ahead of Hurdiss and Cameron Groff by 10 points.

Congrove backed up his opening round win with a second win here tonight in Truck.  The Lancaster, Ohio driver brought his bright yellow 1985 S-10 to the final round matchup against the 1984 S-10 of former Truck champion John Sherrick.  Sherrick, also from Lancaster, Ohio, was prepared for the final round matchup, but may have been too amped for the final launch off the line.  The troubling red light shined in Sherrick's lane as he went past the tree.  Congrove got the win with a 11.409 on a 11.36 dial in.  With the two opening race wins, Congrove leads the field by 33 points.  Sherrick's runner up puts him in that second spot.

After what he would say was a terrible opening race in the points, Freitag and his 2003 SLK32 from Groveport, Ohio went after the field tonight and got the maximum amount of points available.  After defeating last week's winner Daniel Webber in round one, Freitag went up against the 1996 240SX of Etna, Ohio's Matt Pound.  Both Freitag and Pound had been posting great reaction times all night long, but for Pound he found himself on the wrong side for the final round.  A second foul start in tonight's final rounds was found for Pound.  Freitag would have been tough as he was .013 off the start and scored with a 12.716 on a 12.78 dial in.  The points is tight after two events as Nathan Sherrick and Pound are tied for the top spot, with Freitag and Webber 10 points back.

Eveland made it two for two tonight as he took the defending High School championship winning 1985 S-10 from Nashport, Ohio to the win.  In the final round, Eveland would go up against the 1996 Firebird of Baltimore, Ohio's Kyler Smith.  Smith, in his first year of racing, has learned a lot throughout this early season and it showed in the final round.  Smith had the better light, but it was Eveland that was better at the stripe by the smallest of margins.  Eveland ran a 12.497 on a 12.42 to defeat the 15.679 on a 15.59 for Smith by a scant three ten thousandths of a second.  Eveland expands his lead over Smith and the field to 33 points.

Larrick was putting on a clinic off the starting line all night long with his 1973 Kawasaki from Baltimore, Ohio.  He advanced all the way to the final round to go up against the Reynoldsburg, Ohio based 1973 Kawasaki of Tom Whiteman.  Larrick, who ran on the dial in round one, was .001 off the tree in round two and .003 in the semi finals to make the final round.  There, he hit in between the two reaction times with a .002 light to get the edge over Whiteman's just as good .013 reaction time.  Larrick rode around Whiteman at the end of the track and won with a 9.370 on a 9.32 dial in.  Whiteman posted a 9.717 on a 9.65.  Larrick now leads Whiteman and Marshall Hutchinson Jr. by 33 points after two events.

The next NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12th.

NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night Points #1 - May 29, 2013

It might have been a week later than anticipated at the beginning of the season, but the first NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night points event was run here tonight.  A great crowd of racers and spectators were on hand to see the first points winners for the season crowned.  In a scene that would be found in each and every category it will be six new winners that will go into the second points race with the points lead instead of the incoming champions from 2012.  Class runner ups from the past are looking to go that one spot farther and started off well with event wins here tonight.  Those undefeated in the points season after tonight are Shawn Pitts (Big Dawg), Cameron Groff ( Street), Scott Congrove (Superior Exteriors Truck), Daniel Webber (Denny's Restaurant Sport Compact), Dustin Eveland (Dennis' Vinyl Designs High School), and Kevin Larrick (K & C Yamaha Motorcycle).

Pitts, who had to settle for two runner up points finishes last season, started off his Big Dawg season with a victory in his London, Ohio based 2000 Camaro.  In the final round matchup it was the always tough Dennis Meade and his 1978 Camaro from Newark, Ohio in the opposite lane.  Pitts, who escaped earlier in the race with a on the dial pass, left the line with the better reaction time and used it at the finish line in a double breakout affair.  Pitts posted a 12.165 on his 12.17 dial in, while Meade was under by more with a 10.937 on a 10.95 dial in.

Another former class runner up was able to start off the season with the top spot of the points in Street.  Groff and his Columbus, Ohio based 1981 Cutlass was in the final round matchup with the veteran Richard McMahan and his 1993 Camaro from Newark, Ohio.  Both racers were very close all night to both dial in and reaction time, and the final round was just as close.  Groff had the better reaction time with a .032 to McMahan's just as good .043 light.  At the stripe, Groff just got ahead of the Camaro and score the win with a 11.869 on a 11.84 dial in.  McMahan ran a 13.339 on his 13.32 dial in for a margin of victory of one thousandth of a second for Groff.

In a class dominated by S-10 trucks, the Truck eliminator final round was a battle between two of them.  Congrove and his 1985 version from Lancaster, Ohio would go up against the 1986 version from Reynoldsburg, Ohio driven by Mark Swartz.  Congrove, who was a part of the points battle all season long last year, looks to be on the start of another points battle as he got the reaction time edge over Swartz in the final round.  The advantage, along with his strong running truck was enough to get the victory.  A 11.429 on a 11.35 dial in for Congrove won the opening event over the 11.095 on a 11.00 for Swartz.

A large gathering of Sport Compact racers made the racing action very exciting for everyone in attendance.  In the final round, it would be two veterans of the class matching up for the win.  Webber and his 2010 Forte from Blacklick, Ohio would go up against the 1997 Mirage from Hillsboro, Ohio piloted by Nathan Sherrick.  Sherrick might not have the quickest car on the grounds, but his driving throughout the night was great.  In that final matchup, it was Webber that dug deep and scored a .001 reaction time that basically brought an end to the race early.  Sherrick was good, but not close enough to make up that great reaction time.  Webber ran a 17.852 on his 17.78 dial in to win over the 20.006 on a 19.95 for Sherrick.

The defending champion from the previous years in High School might not be in the class anymore, but the winning vehicle is still there and wrecking havoc.  Eveland and his family's 1985 S-10 from Nashport, Ohio was back in the final round to race the 1981 Camaro of Cole Bailey from Thornville, Ohio.  Both drivers were the quickest in the class, but their driving was the most impressive.  Bailey had the better reaction time with a .021 to Eveland's .037, but was too aggressive at the stripe and broke out.  A 12.886 on a 12.92 for Bailey was not going to work against the 12.349 on a 12.28 for Eveland.

The final round in Motorcycle was just as tight as the Street final round was.  Larrick and his Baltimore, Ohio based 1973 Kawasaki was in one lane of the track.  On the other side was the 1980 Kawasaki of Marshall Hutchinson Jr. from Columbus, Ohio.  The only defending track champion to make the final round tonight, Hutchinson Jr. was able to get a .030 to .034 reaction time edge off the launch.  As they went down the track, Larrick was able to slowly get around Hutchinson Jr. at the stripe for the close win.  Larrick's 9.255 on a 9.25 got the better of Hutchinson Jr.'s 9.403 on a 9.39 dial in.

The next NTR - JEGS Wednesday Night event is scheduled for June 5th.

May 15, 2013

Big Dawg
W: Scott Weisend ('69 Nova) - 10.691, 112.90 (10.63 dial).
R/U: Dana Thompson ('67 Camaro) - 12.424, 107.18 (12.44 dial).
Semi's: Terry McGee. Street
W: Jim Hurdiss ('90 Corvette) - 12.659, 108.00 (12.62 dial).
R/U: Steve Holman ('55 Chevy) - 18.851, 66.13 (18.91 dial).
Semi's: Stephanie Stokosa.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: John Sherrick ('84 S-10) - 12.484, 104.53 (12.45 dial).
R/U: Mark Swartz ('86 S-10) - 11.055, 122.53 (11.02 dial).
Semi's: Tom Rager.

Denny’s Restaurant Sport Compact
W: Rick Angles ('93 Civic) - 17.882, 75.43 (17.86 dial).
R/U: Mychal Condon ('95 Civic) - 15.326, 94.96 (15.40 dial).
Semi's: Grant Hartley; Matt Freitag.

Dennis’ Vinyl Designs High School
W: Zach Wright ('91 Mustang) - 14.375, 98.74 (14.25 dial).
R/U: Cole Bailey ('81 Camaro) - 12.928, 102.36 (12.94 dial).
Semi's: Kyler Smith.

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Kevin Larrick ('73 Kawasaki) - 9.269, 139.44 (9.30 dial).
R/U: Bob Burt ('00 Honda) - 10.642, 123.14 (10.68 dial).
Semi's: Austin Seelig; Roger Burt.

Reminder:  First JEGS Wednesday Night Points event for 2013 is scheduled for May 22nd!

May 8, 2013

Big Dawg
W: Scott Weisend ('69 Nova) - 10.616, 124.66 (10.60 dial).
R/U: Dennis Meade ('78 Camaro) - 10.933, 121.27 (10.95 dial).
Semi's: Cameron Groff. Street
W: Daniel Webber ('10 Forte) - 17.530, 80.62 (17.57 dial).
R/U: Kent Gibney ('94 Thunderbird) - 17.578, 78.22 (17.66 dial).
Semi's: Gary Townsend; Maxine Williams.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: John Sherrick ('84 S-10) - 12.420, 101.65 (12.36 dial).
R/U: Mark Swartz ('86 S-10) - 11.100, 122.02 (10.99 dial).
Semi's: Nate Bailer; Matthew Tempro.

Denny’s Restaurant Sport Compact
W: Daniel Webber ('10 Forte) - 17.701, 73.05 (17.48 dial).
R/U: Matt Freitag ('03 SLK32) - 12.792, 111.04 (12.59 dial).
Semi's: Greg Jenkins.

Dennis’ Vinyl Designs High School
W: Zach Wright ('91 Mustang) - 14.800, 85.40 (14.30 dial).
R/U: Kyler Smith ('96 Firebird) - 15.989, 85.20 (15.83 dial).

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Mike McLoughlin ('83 Suzuki) - 9.797, 132.63 (9.73 dial).
R/U: David Beshara ('08 Suzuki) - foul.
Semi's: Austin Seelig; David Booth Jr..

May 1, 2013

Big Dawg
W: Terry McGee ('74 Duster) - 13.801, 97.63 (13.79 dial).
R/U: Kyle Hanson ('69 Firebird) - 10.694, 116.64 (10.70 dial).
Semi's: Rick Gensner. Street
W: Jason Wollenberg ('93 Mustang) - 11.527, 109.30 (11.50 dial).
R/U: Richard McMahan ('93 Camaro) - 13.356, 97.40 (13.30 dial).
Semi's: Bob Moore; Jay Arbuckle.

Superior Exteriors Truck
W: Karla Eveland ('55 International) - 12.501, 104.64 (12.45 dial).
R/U: Mark Swartz ('86 S-10) - 11.016, 118.22 (11.02 dial).
Semi's: Scott Congrove; Ernie Brown.

Denny’s Restaurant Sport Compact
W: Matt Pound ('97 240X) - 16.080, 86.78 (15.90 dial).
R/U: Matt Freitag ('03 SLK32) - foul.
Semi's: Rick Angles.

Dennis’ Vinyl Designs High School
W: Danielle Tobin ('98 Mustang) - 20.983, 75.07 (20.33 dial).

K & C Yamaha Motorcycle
W: Bob Burt ('00 Honda) - 10.671, 119.57 (10.62 dial).
R/U: David Beshara ('08 Suzuki) - 9.353, 147.63 (9.25 dial).
Semi's: Tom Whiteman.